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ID Assistance is an integrated suite of services that we use to deliver a range of identity protection solutions for individuals.

Find the right ID Assistance product for your business and customers:

Card / Document Registration
Lost / Stolen Cards or Document Assistance
Online & Dark Web Monitoring
PC Software/Mobile App (Anti-Phishing/Anti-Key Logging)
Alert Notifications
Customer Support
Credit Bureau Monitoring*
Credit Reports and Scores*
Restoration Coverage*
ID Alerts Card Sentry Online Sentry ID Sentry
Card / Document Registration Tick Tick
Lost / Stolen Cards or Document Assistance Tick Tick
Online & Dark Web Monitoring Tick Tick
PC Software/Mobile App (Anti-Phishing/Anti-Key Logging) Tick
Alert Notifications Tick Tick Tick Tick
Customer Support Tick Tick Tick Tick
Credit Bureau Monitoring* Tick
Credit Reports and Scores* Tick
Restoration Coverage* Tick
* Market dependent
* Market dependent

ID Alerts

Checks the accuracy of information held at the credit bureau and notifies of all changes that occur. Unauthorized changes may indicate identity fraud. Provides full credit reports and scores that indicate credit worthiness.

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Card Sentry

A simple way to manage the cancellation and replacement of lost or stolen cards or obtain copies of important documents.

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ID Sentry

A comprehensive service designed to keep personal and financial profiles safe and identities protected at all times, anywhere in the world and across all devices.

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Online Sentry

Monitors public websites and dark web data for personal and financial information to identify if an individual is at risk of identity theft or fraud.

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